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What is a Watt Transducer?

Sep 10, 2019


What is a Power or Watt Transducer?


A watt or power transducer measures true electrical power delivered to a load and converts that measurement to a DC voltage or current signal proportional to the power measured.


To measure power, the watt transducer must monitor both the voltage and current in a circuit. Further, it must be able to accurately determine the phase relationship between the voltage and current. This is the angle by which the current leads or lags the voltage. This measurement is very important to accurately determine true power.

PC5 AC Watt Transducer


The watt transducer must also measure the power in each of the branches of the circuit. Your house, apartment, or small office is wired in what is often referred to as the Edison System. This is a three-wire, single phase system with two power lines in a neutral. The watt transducer must measure the power in each of the power lines or mains. This circuit requires a two-element watt transducer. A two-element watt transducer has two-watt transducers in the same case. The outputs of the two transducers or multipliers are summed so that the output signal of the entire watt transducer represents total power.


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