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Ex Electrical Sensors for Hazardous Locations: ISC Series

Jul 29, 2019


ISC Intrinsically Safe Ex DC Current Sensor


The ISC current transducer provides a Hall-Effect sensor with an integrated signal conditioner. All units are packaged in a split-core configuration for ease of installation. Application flexibility is provided by a wide variety of input current ranges and output signal types.


Units meet the requirements of UL/CUL, ATEX and IEC Ex Intrinsically Safe regulations. These standards are specifically related to the requirements for hazardous location installations in North America, the European Union (EU) and throughout the world. When used with appropriate safety barriers, these units are recommended for installation in hazardous locations such as offshore platforms, petrochemical plants and grain mills.




  • Current Sensing
  • Torque Measurements
  • Hazardous Locations such as Offshore Platforms and Petrochemical Plants for gas
  • Hazardous Locations such as Grain Mills for dust


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