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Monitoring DC Current on a Ski Lift with Hall Effect Current Measurement

Sep 11, 2019


Ski Lift Current Monitoring


On busy ski days, more current is needed to run ski lifts properly and consistently. In order to monitor DC current on their ski lift, a Western United States ski resort came to OSI for safe DC current sensing options.


This ski resorts’ lift utilizes the Ohio Semitronics' CTL-60TS/600 Hall Effect Current Transducer and CTA201 Signal Conditioner for monitoring DC current.


Hall Effect Current Measurement Using a CTL/CTA


The CTA Signal Conditioner provides the excitation current (instrument power) that the CTL Hall Effect sensor requires, as well as amplifying the low-level (mV) signal into a more typical signal. The CTA is calibrated to the output of the specific CTL selected for the application. Each CTA model has a specific input range (mV) which corresponds to the output of the CTL.


View the CTL/CTA Product Line and Technical Data.


The CTA family has two different types; Direct and RMS.


Direct models provide an isolated output that is directly proportional to the amplitude and frequency of the input signal. If the input signal is AC, then the output signal is AC. If the input signal is DC, then the output signal is DC.


The RMS output models provide an output, which is directly proportional to the RMS of the input signal. The output is DC regardless of whether the input is AC or DC. Each type has four output options: 1mAdc, 10Vdc, or 5Vdc. DC instrument power options are available from 12 to 48Vdc.


CTL/CTA Hall Effect Current Transducers Ohio Semitronics 



Did you know? Dr. Bulman, founder of Ohio Semitronics in 1964, pioneered the application of the Hall Effect in power measurement and revolutionized current measurement devices.


Is a CTL (CTA) Hall Effect Sensor viable for your next Hall Effect Current Measurement need? Discuss the specifics with us on chat or give technical support a call!