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3-Phase Voltage Transducers

Oct 15, 2019


Three-Phase AC Average Voltage Transducer3AVT Three-Phase Voltage Transducer


The Ohio Semitronics 3AVT model transducers are designed for applications where UL, CUL, or CE listing is required.


The 3AVT provides isolated outputs which are proportional to the applied voltage. The transducer output is derived from the average absolute value of the input and calibrated as the RMS value of a sine wave input.


The 3AVT takes three voltage inputs and provides three separate isolated outputs.


View the 3AVT Spec Sheet



Three-Phase AC RMS Voltage Transducer

3VTR Three-Phase Voltage Transducer


Ohio Semitronics' 3VTR series provides accurate measurement (0.25% F.S.) of the true RMS value of the input voltage over a wide frequency range.


The 3VTR was designed for use in three-phase systems, but can also be used to monitor three single-phase circuits where panel space is at a minimum. An additional use for this unit is for applications where measurement of nonsinusoidal waveforms is required.


View the 3VTR Spec Sheet