• DVTH High Voltage DC Transducer

    Nov 26, 2019
    The DVTH has a 1500Vdc input, five different model types with different outputs, and a wide ac/dc instrument power range (9-28V, dc/50-400, ≤3W). Output options include 0-±1mAdc, 0-±10Vdc, 4-20mAdc, 4-12-20mAdc, and 0-±5Vdc. The DVTH mounts on a standard 35mm "Top Hat" rail with a 12-30AWG termination wire size. READ MORE
  • DC Voltage Transducer | Switch Selectable Ranges 50mv to 1000V

    Nov 19, 2019
    The DVT7 is a DC voltage transducer with user-selectable input ranges. DIP switch-selectable ranges extend from 50mV to 600V. 1000Vdc is achievable with the DVT7 Extension. Output options include 0-±10V, 4-20mA, or 0-±5V. READ MORE