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Watt/Watt-Hour, Var/Watt-Hour Transducers

Watt/Watt-Hour and Var/Watt-Hour transducers manufactured by Ohio Semitronics measure Watt/Watt-Hours, Var-Hours, Watt-Hours, and supply an analog, pulse, or serial output. Watt/Watt-Hour, Watt-Hour, and Var-Hour transducers are typically used in applications where billing for the amount of energy consumed is needed or appliance testing.

Frequency Output Accuracy Family


Analog & N/O SPST ±0.2% Rdg. AGH
48-62Hz Analog & N/O SPST, 5V TTL,
 ±0.2% Rdg.  GH, VGH
48-70Hz, 400Hz Analog & N/O SPST, 5V TTL ±0.5% F.S. W, W4
48-62Hz Form A SSR ±1.0% F.S. SWH
47-63Hz Form A SSR Class 0.5 ESP3
10-500Hz Modbus, Analog, Form C SSR,
Open Collector Transistor
±0.2% Rdg. Wxx