At the Forefront of Electrical Measurement Innovations & U.S. Manufacturing Since 1964

In 1964 Ohio Semitronics pioneered and developed the first Hall Effect electrical measurement devices. 

Since then the company has been a key resource for Battelle Institute, Bell Labs, The Department of Defense,

and other leading technology drivers of the American industry.



Deep Understanding and Engineering Capabilities

Ohio Semitronics’ core asset is the unique ability to understand the inner workings of electrical measurements and

engineering sensors, transducers, and other devices that achieve the highest level of accuracy, functionality, and durability

for their specific application environments.



The Industry’s Most Challenging Measurements

OSI has been called on for the most challenging electrical measurement devices for Petroleum and Petrochemical,

Electric Utility, Solar and Wind, Test and Measurement, Automation and Control, and Naval Surface and Subsurface applications.

  OSI's ability to custom engineer new and unique devices, quickly and with an impeccable track record, have made

us a premier source for industry and the Defense Department’s most critical applications.


Custom Prototypes in Just 3 Weeks

Today, OSI is leading the electrical measurement market segment with its unparalleled ability to take electrical measurement

concept ideas from the discussion stage to a working prototype in just 3 weeks.  Expertise. Deep understanding of electrical

measurements and the latest CAD and 3D printing technologies have accelerated company strengths to achieve this

remarkable throughput.