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Accurate Low DC Measurement Without Disconnection

Sep 22, 2020

Ohio Semitronics Delivers 5-amp DC measurement in Click-On format

Need to accurately measure 5-amp DC and below? There are technologies that can measure DC currents - but only if you can interrupt the flow to slide the conductor through a solid core.

What if a battery lug blocks sliding the sensor onto the conductor? Or disconnecting the circuit requires re-certification? Maybe it’s a test application where fast application and removal is required, but it must maintain accuracy from -40C to +85C – and tuck into a tight space.

What if the 5-amp measurement is of interest but there are 10X surges flowing through the same conductor that could create significant offsets?

Relax. OSI gets DC Measurements at all Ranges

Ohio Semitronics now offers accurate and ruggedized, split-core sensors ranging from a nominal 5 to 50-amps DC – and able to resist the surges that sideline most other technologies. Each range offers resolution down to 1% of full scale and minimizes the impact of surge-induced offsets up to 10X the nominal rating.

The Click-On closure quickly snaps around the conductor and securely holds the device in place through high vibration and shock events, making it ideal for railway, locomotive and automotive applications. An optional tie-wrap bracket allows for precise location and permanent installation.

Instrument power can be supplied in discrete steps from 5 to 48 VDC and available outputs are ± 5VDC, ± 10VDC, ± 1 mA or 4-12-20 mADC outputs – all with full galvanic isolation.

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