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Challenged by DC Current Measurements?

Feb 1, 2021


Many specified parameters can significantly reduce DC measurement accuracy.   Let’s look at just one example: the effect of residual magnetism when measuring across a range of DC currents.


Residual magnetism effects from larger DC currents can establish a non-fixed zero offset --- which may shift lower current measurements by more than 20%. Unfortunately, that offset varies over time and with each change of direction -- making repeatability and comparison difficult. That specification detail is usually “way below the fold” ---  along with a number of other factors potentially influencing the measurement.

A few of these include: offsets, linearity and temperature impacts, but there are many others.  There are techniques available to reduce the impact of these phenomena, but they are seldom SPECIFICALLY identified.  It’s typically left to the user to verify the total impact of a device specification on the measurement. Watch Video Here


Fortunately, there is an easier way. Ohio Semitronics has a Visual Accuracy Calculator on our website that allows you to enter the published specifications of any device and graphically display its performance.  The user can quickly see the device accuracy plotted across temperature and scale to decide what accuracy is required under their conditions.  It’s brand independent, does not retain your information, and allows you to download an accuracy heat map of your device.  Visit the Accuracy Calculator by clicking these links from our home page


Alternatively, you can just chat or call one of OSI’s application specialists.  They will work with you to identify the challenges in your measurement and deliver the most economical solution for your specific application.


OSI transducers have a unique ability to identify extremely low DC current in a variety of environments.   Devices range from 0.5 mA to over 40,000 amps.  Whatever your need – particularly for difficult or complex DC measurements - Ohio Semitronics is the first place to search.


For more than 55 years, Ohio Semitronics has delivered the industry’s highest and most stable accuracy.


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