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Watt-Var Transducers

Ohio Semitronics manufacturers a variety of watt transducers, power transducers, watt/watt-hour, watt/Var, and Var/ Var-hour transducers. Custom modification options available. Before ordering watt transducers, it is to your advantage to assess your specific needs and conditions, then check with the sales team at Ohio Semitronics if you have any questions.

A watt or power transducer measures true electrical power delivered to a load and converts that measurement to a DC voltage or current signal proportional to the power measured. To measure power, the watt transducer must monitor both the voltage and current in a circuit. Further, it must be able to accurately determine the phase relationship between the voltage and current. This is the angle by which the current leads or lags the voltage. This measurement is very important to determine true power.

Measurement Frequency Output Options Accuracy Family

AC Watt

 50/60Hz, 50-400Hz, 10-500Hz Analog, Modbus ±0.2% Rdg. to ±0.5% F.S. AGW, DW5, GW5, PC5, Wxx
 AC Watt/Var  50/60Hz, 10-500Hz Analog, Modbus  ±0.2% Rdg. to ±0.5% F.S. DWV, GWV5, Wxx
 AC Var  50/60Hz, 10-500Hz Analog, Modbus  ±0.2% Rdg. to ±0.5% F.S. GV5, VAR5, Wxx
 DC Watt DC-400Hz Analog ±0.5% F.S. to ±1.0% F.S. PC8, MT
 VFD  DC-400Hz, 5-500Hz, 50-400Hz,
Analog, Modbus ±0.2% Rdg. to ±1.0% F.S. PC8, P, PC20, Wxx