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Military Grade DC Current Monitoring

Aug 23, 2019

Motorized Military Vehicles

Every motorized military vehicle, from small ATV's to Armored Patrol Vehicles, must have their electrical system evaluated for performance and efficiency.


OSI delivers ruggedized AC and DC current transducers to meet the MIL-SPEC requirements of multiple motorized military vehicle environments. As a result, OSI transducers are available in multiple packages, ranges and formats.


 CTH & CTX Current Transducers

More specifically, the CTH and CTX series offer a wide selection of current input ranges and instrument power options to meet various unique vehicle requirements. Both the CTH and CTX are split-core devices, and can be easily installed for temporary or permanent monitoring of DC and AC electrical systems.


OSI has most likely already designed a device that fits your application needs, but we can also quickly adapt existing technology to meet your specific requirements.