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OSI’s GIC Transducer Measures DC in the Presence of Higher AC Currents

Jan 27, 2021

Need to measure DC within higher AC currents?  Perhaps you’re trying to measure potentially damaging DC currents within AC transformers and other wound equipment?  Or you may need to capture rising DC currents in transformer neutrals? Many customers are examining output power quality of inverters, others are observing VSD outputs and some are responding to the FERC order for monitoring to develop a Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) strategy. 

Ohio Semitronics GIC DC Current Transducers now meets all of these challenges – and more.

OSI applied 50+ years of DC measurement experience to create technology specifically adapted for your needs. The GIC family of current sensors measures DC in the presence of AC with an extremely rugged form factor designed for outdoor use, including captive hardware and conduit-enclosed connections.   It features a split-core format, eliminating the need to disconnect the circuits under test.

The GIC is available in a wide array of current inputs, from 0-50ADC up through 0-1500 ADC, and offers proportional outputs and instrument powers to match your particular data acquisition requirements.  The GIC’s unique compensation readily manages wide temperature swings, and incorporates OSI’s unique resistance to Magnetic/Hysteresis Offsets.   

OSI transducers offer the ability to accurately measure DC voltage, current, power and energy in a variety of environments and formats.   Whatever your need – particularly for unique or complex DC measurements - Ohio Semitronics is the first place to search.

For more than 55 years, Ohio Semitronics has delivered the industry’s most stable and accurate electrical measurement devices.

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