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Monitor All Electrical Paramaters at 10-500Hz

Nov 4, 2019


WMx Multi-Function Transducer with MODBUS Communication


Model WMx transducers utilize a microprocessor-based design with high-speed analog-10-digital converters to provide accurate measurement of true power, apparent power, reactive power, energy, power factor, voltage, current, and frequency. Bi-directional capability allows indication of forward (consumed) as well as reverse (generated) power and energy conditions.

Models are available in a variety of configurations with current ranges up to 1000A and nominal voltage ratings up to 600V. Models are available in 1, 2, and 3 element versions and are suitable for all single-phase and three-phase power systems.

Serial interface is galvanically isolated from the measured inputs and instrument power.


WMx Multifunction Transducer


Measure Accurately at 40 Harmonics of 60Hz


Perhaps your application or system includes a higher harmonic content that must also be captured and measured.


The presence of harmonics in electrical systems means that current and voltage are distorted and deviate from sinusoidal waveforms.


The WMx measures all parameters-- true power, apparent power, reactive power, energy, power factor, voltage, current, and frequency accurately under the presence of harmonics. Three serial communication options are available for the output including MODBUS RS422 (4-wire), MODBUS RS232, and MODBUS RS485 (2-wire).


The WM9, specifically, provides ±0.2% Rdg./PF, ±0.04% F.S. accuracy at 48-62Hz frequncy, 40th harmonic.


Electrical Monitoring for High Frequency and Variable Frequency Drives


When measuring the input to a Variable Frequency Drive, where the frequencies can be as low as 5 Hz and as high as 85-90 Hz, accuracy of the measurement is negatively impacted. Most electrical energy is distributed as either 50 or 60 Hz AC, which leads most measurement devices to only be designed and calibrated at those two frequencies, or over a narrow (45-65 Hz) range. 


The WMx was designed to withstand both low and high frequencies and provide a highly accurate measurement.


The WM7, specifically, provides ±0.25% F.S. accuracy at 10-500Hz frequency.


View the WMx spec sheet for a full specification overview.


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