• PC5 Watt Transducer for Industrial Monitoring and Control

    Dec 9, 2019
    These highly-reliable watt transducers have been used for many years in industrial monitoring and control applications by thousands of customers. They are widely used in applications where chopped or distorted waveforms are present where they have advantages over pulse-width modulated units. READ MORE
  • Electrical Measurement Outside of 50/60Hz

    Aug 22, 2019
    Most electrical energy is distributed as either 50 or 60 Hz AC, which leads most measurement devices to only be designed and calibrated at those two frequencies, or over a narrow (45-65 Hz) range. What happens when you need to measure at other frequencies? OSI has developed a number of different transducers which measure both below and above the traditional 50-60Hz range. READ MORE
  • Harmonic Power Measurement Certified to ISO 17025 or ANSI Z540

    Jul 29, 2019
    Measure Voltage, Current, Power, and Energy through the 40th harmonic of 60 Hertz, with ISO 17025 or ANSI Z540 certification. Multiple devices; panel or DIN-rail, analog outputs, and ASCII/ MODBUS serial outputs. READ MORE