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Differentiate Renewable Energy Sources from Battery & Generation Before The Inverter

Jan 23, 2024

The Ohio Semitronics WDC System helps you precisely identify how much energy is coming from solar generation vs. battery storage. Ohio Semitronics WDC integrates inputs from high precision current transducers and voltage transducers. The WDC system measures the DC current before it reaches the inverter and captures each independent measurement.
The system measures and stores energy flowing in each direction, can even deliver net energy.

WDC transducers are split-core and DIN mounted for easy installation.
Once clamped on, WDC transmits the information to SCADA or other monitoring systems for direct visibility of your renewable energy flows.

Having this data as part of your information system can deliver:

  • Better understanding of generation and storage dynamics ahead of the inverter
  • Determining revenue source contributions
  • Better capability for Peak Shaving and high demand challenges