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A Place for Hard-to-Find, Obsolete, and Custom Electrical Power Measurement Parts

Jan 4, 2024

Each year original equipment manufacturers stop making key devices necessary to operate a wide range of products and systems in a variety of industries.  Sometimes you can find these parts at electrical distributors, but when you cannot, Ohio Semitronics may have the solution.

For more than 20 years, Ohio Semitronics has come to the rescue of companies in a pinch by remanufacturing or custom manufacturing hundreds of power measurement devices.  The company specializes in products like current and voltage transducers, CTs, watt transducers, small transformers and a variety of power measurement systems from manufacturers like LEM, ABB, Honeywell, American Aerospace Controls and Scientific Columbus.

No one has designed and manufactured more custom and obsolete power measurement devices than Ohio Semitronics.  Functional prototypes can be designed and manufactured in as little as 3-6 weeks.  OSI design teams will review your component specs land requirements and often times even improve device or system performance.  The company specialized in high accuracy and high reliability devices.


The process begins with a simple phone call and review of your product needs and deadlines.  For more information, contact Ohio Semitronics at 614-777-1005 or email at [email protected].