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Nano Technology Experiments Require "Quiet" Grounding

Jul 29, 2019

Research laboratory experiments are becoming ever more sensitive to external factors, particularly as the facility engages in nano-level experiments. Signals in these experiments are quite small and subject to many external influences. Identifying those influences is critical to maintaining valid research results.


As a result, the facility can no longer assume the quality of the ground system. Experimental measurements are fractions of a milliamp AC. Validating experimental results require the system ground current be precisely measured and tracked.


A major research university asked OSI to deliver AC measurements to meet these needs and requested resolution to 0.25 mA or 250 µA. Not challenging in itself, but the measurement device must also withstand a 20-amp surge in fault conditions.That’s a withstand range of 8 x 105 while maintaining the original accuracy when returned to the normal operating conditions.


The device must also measure 250 µA AC in the presence of 1 amp DC and measure up through 100Hz and, of course, it all had to be a non-contact, outdoor rated format.


Fortunately, OSI was able to modify its CTCR series to deliver those results with:

  • ±0.25% Accuracy
  • True RMS Measurement
  • Non-Contact
  • Loop-Powered


View the CTCR-mAxxxE2 Spec Sheet Here


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