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DC Current Transducers for Measurements in Extreme Conditions

Sep 22, 2020

An Accurate Transducer that is Ideal for Vehicular Applications

Do you need to measure current in extreme heat? Need to perform in a high vibration and/or shock environment?

These are common requirements for vehicular test and measurement and OSI can deliver for you.

OSI’s new CTU design provides an ideal solution for vehicular work:

  •      Bi-directional ranges from 25 to 2000 DC amps
  •      Split core means fast installation without disconnection
  •      Operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C or even 100°C with minimal impact to accuracy
  •      High density, vibration-tolerant construction
  •      Large, 1-inch window accepts multiple cables and sizes
  •     10X over-range rating with minimal residual impact on measurement.

OSI applied 50+ years of DC measurement experience to create a device specifically adapted for your needs. The CTU’s wide temperature range enables monitoring in real world conditions up to 100°C. It’s available in a wide array of current inputs, from 0-25 ADC up through 0-2000 ADC, with a variety of proportional outputs and instrument powers to match your particular data acquisition requirements.

Rugged, solid construction with Military-style connectors and Stainless Steel clamps to ensure solid, repeatable measurements under extreme conditions – all while maintaining the split-core design which eliminates the need to disconnect the circuits under test. Fully integrated signal conditioning enables direct connection to your DAQ.

Test the new CTU in your next critical application and discover solid performance.