File Description
Conductors The number of conductors one can put through the opening of a current transducer Download
Determine Maximum CT Lead Length This Technical Bulletin (No.133) shows how many feet of additional wiring (by wire ga.) can be driven per the CTs extra VA rating. Download
Measuring Current Measuring current delivered by a six-pulse, phase angle fired SCR controller Download
Measuring Power Results of Measuring Power Controlled by a Phase Angle Fired SCR Controller Download
Measuring Power Measuring Power regulated by Zero Crossing SCR Controllers Download
Monitoring Waveforms Waveforms from a Six Pulse DC Drive using Phase Angle Fired SCRs Download
Review of Ohio Semitronics Wiring Diagrams Review of OSI Wiring Diagrams Download
Single Element Wattmeter Use of a Single Element Wattmeter or Watt Transducer on a Balanced Three-Phase Three Wire Load Download
Transducers Selecting and Using Transducers for the Measurement of Electric Power, Voltage and Current Download
Two-Meter Wattmeter The Two-Meter Wattmeter Method Download