Accurate and Reliable Current and Voltage Transducers to Assure Your Operation

is Optimized and Feeding the Grid


Ohio Semitronics has been very successful at helping solar farms identify anomalies, problems, and impeding

factors on individual panels and photovoltaic strings. 


Highly accurate and reliable transducers measure the electrical parameters for DC photovoltaic string inputs and

AC inverter outputs.  OSI voltage and current measurements assure your operation meets the economic,

application-specific energy requirements to feed into utility energy systems or smart grids.


In addition, OSI can provide accurate and precise measurements and monitoring of both photovoltaic string

generation and storage. Some of our applications include the supply of upstream DC current transducers to monitor

the performance and quality at either branch or string level.  


If you can't find an exact fit for your measurement requirements, our technical experts will help you spec the right

product for your application, or will help you to develop a custom power measurement device tailored to your

exact measurement needs.