Assure Safety and Receive Reliable, Accurate Electrical Measurements from Transducers

Designed for Oil & Gas Applications


Ohio Semitronics has provided the Oil & Gas industry with safe, vibration-resistant, and ruggedized electrical measurement

devices for more than 50 years. Our Hall Effect Devices (HEDs) and ATEX/IEC Ex-certified Intrinsically

Safe Current Transducers offer known reliability, repeatability and accurate measurement of DC current in

a cable or bus conductor. Convenient installation is provided by the use of side-clamps for

75% of the industry models listed.


OSI is the only manufacturer of ATEX and IEC Ex certified torque-current measurement devices, ISC DC Current

Transducer, for intrinsic safety, uses.


ATEX and IEC Ex certified torque current sensors are used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry for an accurate

measurement of torque applied to drill pipe from the top drive. Other applications include load monitoring

of reversing motors on floating drillships and mud and slurry pumps.


View the ISC ATEX Certificate Here
View the ISC IECEx Certificate Here