Talk to an Electrical Measurement Specialist About Unique Applications at

Your Generation Plant, Substation, or Large Industrial Customer Locations


Ohio Semitronics’ transducers and sensors provided accurate and reliable electrical measurements for a variety of

electric utility applications, and have been installed in utilities around the world since 1960.


For power generation plants, OSI transducers are part of live electrical monitoring, measuring forward and reverse

watts, vars for reactive energy measurement and delivering vital real-time data to operation control systems. In addition,

frequency transducers provide monitoring and alerts to assure systems maintain 0.5 Hz tolerance requirements.


Highly accurate current transducers provide vital ground fault detection to large industrial customers and manufacturing

plants to help prevent downtime or critical process loss. 


In substations, OSI transducers measure watts, and provide current and voltage protection and feeding vital data to

SCADA and other control systems.


If you can't find an exact fit for your utility measurement requirements, our technical experts will help you spec

the right product for your application, or will help you to develop a custom power measurement device tailored to your

exact measurement needs.