Accurate & Repeatable Sensing Devices for Laboratory and End-of-Line Final



Ohio Semitronics’ transducers and sensors are being used for two primary applications in the HVAC and Appliance

Industry: for laboratory testing in the development of new products and accessories, and for use on the production

line for final testing and documentation of quality.


OSI transducers deliver the critical 0.1% to 0.2% accuracy and repeatability required during critical developmental

testing of new products.  Precise electrical measurements of AC current, voltage, frequency, power factor, watts, VA,

and VARS up to the 40th harmonic and in between 5-500Hz, have made OSI the industry leader in overall performance.


OSI multifunction transducers minimize connections and add value to final test stations on the manufacturing line,

with one device being able to measure current, voltage, frequency and power factor. 


In addition, accurate monitoring of AC power by OSI transducers is ideal for identifying maintenance requirements,

inefficiencies, energy use, and preventing damage to a load within motors, pumps, heaters, and or mixing equipment

in the HVAC and appliance industry. 


If you can't find an exact fit for your measurement requirements, our technical experts will help you spec the right product

for your application, or will help you to develop a custom power measurement device tailored to your exact

measurement needs.