Multiple Applications for Development Testing of Electric Vehicles


Ohio Semitronics’ transducers and sensors are being used to provide highly accurate and repeatable electrical

measurements for a variety of applications in the electric vehicle industry – including high accuracy, lightweight

sensors being used in the development of flying cars.


For the design and initial development of electric vehicle battery systems, OSI transducers with accuracy of 0.25% to

0.5% of full scale are used to test battery designs under various conditions, as well as monitoring battery health during testing.


High accuracy (1-2% full scale) DC voltage transducers and shunts are used at vehicle test sites to evaluate battery

performance under various temperature and volatile conditions. 


Highly repeatable 1-5% full-scale accuracy transducers are used for final testing prior to production as well as for

the evaluation of charging systems.   


If you can't find an exact fit for your measurement requirements, our technical experts will help you spec the right

product for your application, or will help you to develop a custom power measurement device tailored

to your exact measurement needs.