CTY-800C-.1 Cut Out
21279, Cut Out
For AC applications, most transducers will not accept a direct current input over 20A. For higher amperages, current transformers are utilized. Ohio Semitronics manufactures and supplies many styles of current transformers with various inputs and secondaries. All Ohio Semitronics Transducers, depending upon input, are supplied and calibrated with a CT before shipment.

CAUTION: Current transformers can and will develop a lethal voltage and will possibly self destruct if the secondary is open when the primary current is present. People have been hurt, and equipment has been damaged, when the secondary winding of a current transformer is open. Never disconnect the secondary or leave it open when there is the possibility of the primary current.


Input Ratio Range  Family
 Metering Class  100:0.1A to 3000:5A
Depending on Model
 General Purpose  200A to 6000A
Various Secondaries
Depending on Model
Neutral Current /
Zero Sequence
 10A:0.03V, 10A:1.0V  ECT
 Open-Circuit Protection  Up to 5A from
CT Secondary