• Photovoltaic and Storage System Monitoring

    Electrical Measurements for the Solar Industry

    OSI can provide accurate measurement and monitoring of both PV (photovoltaic) generation and storage using application specific power, voltage or current transducers, which is required for measuring electrical parameters for DC inputs and AC inverter outputs, for monitoring, measuring, or controlling the system.



Measuring electrical parameters for DC photovoltaic string inputs and AC inverter outputs requires application-specific energy, voltage and current transducers for monitoring, measuring or controlling a smart grid. OSI can provide accurate measurements and monitoring of both photovoltaic string generation and storage.

The Home Depot Smart Home in Durham, NC is an example of how technology can be refined with the goal of saving energy and working towards advancing sustainable living. Read our blog about the OSI sensors used in the Home Depot Smart Home "Measuring Current & Voltage in a Pure Sine Wave Inverter System".

PV output monitoring and fault detection
Battery Condition Monitoring
Battery charge/ discharge measurement
Ground fault detection