OSI Electrical Measurements for Lab, Life Cycle, and End of Line Testing

OSI delivers measurement consistency and traceability that is critical to both development and line certification for multiple standards (e.g. Energy Star™). This is more critical with DoE’s recent expansion of measurement requirements to include the 40th harmonic.

OSI has a wide variety of technologies to accurately measure to your standards in the presence of these harmonics and to provide a variety of analog and digital outputs relative to those measurements.


Multifunction Measurement Devices PTB | APLUS | PDM | WPM | DM5 | DSP   Watt/Watt-Hour Measurement  PC5 | GW5 | AGH 


Laboratory & Qualification Testing, Lifecycle Testing

All Ohio Semitronics sensors and transducers are calibrated to meet NIST, and most can be calibrated to ISO17025 and ANSI Z540 while maintaining consistency and accuracy.


Production Line Testing

Production line testing requires similar sensors and tranducers to that of lab & qualififcation testing, and lifecycle testing. The same traceability for lab & qualififcation, and lifecycle testing may not be required for the sensors and transducers that are used in production line testing. OSI can still accurately and consistently measure to your specific standards.