OSI Electrical Measurements for the Transportation Industry

Frequency Monitoring of Rail Cars


There are two common reasons to monitor frequency of a rail car. First, monitoring on board frequency of passenger car usage and second to monitor inverter frequency to the drives. Both are critical for safe and efficient operations.

OSI can provide wide range and custom frequency ranges to meet your control requirements, including those environments with high harmonics common to variable frequency drives (VFD).

Frequency Measurement Devices  AFT | DFT | DFTA




 Current Monitoring of Rail Cars


  • Current Rail Monitoring: Live consumption for passenger trains.
  • Ground Fault: Detecting current in a rail. If current is present it will allow your system to react.
  • Locomotive: DC current monitoring of traction drive motors.
  • Passenger: Measuring DC in high harmonic environments to provide DC feedback control. Current sensors are also used for current monitoring of passenger car auxiliary power for equipment safety.
  • AC Breaking System Current: Regeneration current measurement

OSI matches each measurement to your system. There are multiple technologies already available to match these current monitoring applications.

Current Measurement Devices   MCT5 | CTH | CTG | MCTR