HVAC and Appliance

  • Fast & Accurate Measurements for Production Line Testing.

    Electrical Measurements for the HVAC & Appliance Industry

    Accurate and fast responding electrical measurement devices for variable frequency drives and other high total harmonic distortion environments.


Ohio Semitronics’ transducers provide precise, accurate electrical measurements of AC current, voltage, frequency, power factor, watts, VA, and VARS up to the 40th harmonic. Our technical experts will help you spec the right product for your development, qualification, production, and lifecycle testing, or other product quality applications if you cannot find exactly what you require.

The new DoE standard requires accurate measurement of the input power up to at least the 40th harmonic of 60 Hz, read more about the 40th Harmonic, and an evaluation of an OSI high response product, WPM.

Laboratory and qualification testing
AC/DC current, voltage, and power measurements.
Ask about Transducers for Life Cycle Testing.
Accurate Production Line Testing.