Military and Defense

  • 400 Electrical Measurement Products in Service on Over 300 Naval Vessels

    Electrical Measurements for the Defense Industry

    Accurate and reliable current and voltage sensing for power distribution and control systems is critical for sub surface and surface ships, UAVs, and land-based military vehicles. OSI pulse current measurement systems are now being utilized for rail gun and aircraft launch system applications.

Ohio Semitronics is the US Navy’s reliable supplier of power measurement products for applications such as corrosion control & mitigation, shore power monitoring, circuit breaker controls, magnetic bearing monitoring, and replacement of obsolete parts and products.

See OSI products on Virginia Class Submarines, Seawolf Class Submarines, Ohio Class Submarines, and many others.
Militarize and customize new, existing, foreign, and obsolete designs.
Mil-Spec, EMI and shock-hardened.
Precise shore power usage right on your dashboard.