OSI Electrical Measurements for the Oil and Gas Industry

There are several Ohio Semitronics electrical measurement products avaialbe to effectively serve the Oil and Gas Industry. 

ATEX Certified ISC Series DC Current Transducer | CT Series Current Transducer | CTA Series Signal Conditioner




Torque Sensors for Drill Head Monitoring


Ohio Semitronics provides rugged ATEX-Certified Torque Sensors for monitoring drill head activity.  These current sensors provide accurate torque measurements during drill operation.  Electrical measurement signals are fed to the drilling control system that help operators identify the hardness of material being drilled through so necessary adjustments to the process can be made.  These highly accurate torque sensors/current transducers provide highly accurate, safe, spark-free performance in the most challenging oil & gas industry environments.




Extend Drill Head Life by Better Controlling and Monitoring Drill Head Torque


When drill heads used in oil & gas operations move through hard materials, additional current is required to drive the motor resulting in more torque resistance between the drill head and the ground surface.  This puts additional strain and wear on the drill head.  ATEX-Certified Torque sensors from Ohio Semitronics provide accurate, safe measurements that allow operators to make adjustments during the operation that can avoid overrunning drills under these stressful conditions.