OSI Electrical Measurements for Critical Power & Recovery

Accurate Electrical Measurements Assure Reliability of Back Up Battery Systems


Batteries are used to ensure continuity in data and other critical systems.

Data centers or technical firms have unique algorithms to predict and prevent system interruptions. Only OSI has multiple technologies to match your desired inputs, deliver your desired results, and cater to your specific algorithms.

Current Measurement Devices CTG | CTH | CTLP | CTFG | CTLC     Voltage Measurement Devices  VT7 | VT8




Leakage and Discharge Measurement


Leakage and discharge measurement is about sensing the current or, more specifically, low current monitoring (batteries). Ohio Semitronics is able to sense lower currents within batteries with greater accuracy and consistency. OSI has different technologies to choose from that will aid in leakage and discharge measurement such as open loop and closed loop sensors, flux gate, and rogowski coils.

Devices for Leakage and Discharge Measurement  CTH | CTFG




 Custom Measurements


Let Ohio Semitronics assist you with precision electrical measurement requirements for your battery testing, maintenance and monitoring needs. Ohio Semitronics' extensive line of DC & AC current sensors, with wide varieties of inputs, outputs, and instrument power options, offer accuracies as low as 0.01% and continuous reliability throughout the life of the system. OSI's technical specialists can help you match the correct transducer or sensor to your application, or if existing products do not meet your requirements, one can be easily customized for you.