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SIRAX BM1200 Multifunction Power Meter

January 11, 2017

The SIRAX BM1200 is cost-effective and ideal for use in industrial plants, electrical distribution systems, or any other basic application requiring reliable measurements of AC power, current, voltage, and more. Do you have an older system that needs an upgrade, or do you simply need to monitor the loads of HVAC units at an affordable price? The SIRAX BM1200 can do just that for you. An option for Modbus via RS485 RTU wiring offers even more versatility for sending information to a separate collection station. For more information on the BM1200 contact sales at OSI!


The BM1200 contains a back-lit LCD display and is easily operable on-site or via CB-Configurator software. The automatic cyclical scrolling of data makes this instrument the perfect option for an enclosed application.

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