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Programmable SINEAX DM5S: Monitoring The Efficiency of Turbine Power Generating Capabilities

December 15, 2017


Which test requirements are giving you a headache?

A leading renewable energy consultancy, providing engineering and technical advisory services in onshore/ offshore wind, solar, wave, tidal, and hydro projects and are also quite unique in that they have UKAS approval for monitoring wind turbine performance, carry out independent tests which are often required as part of the contract between turbine manufacturers, site owners, and energy users.

With the DM5S's programmability, accuracy levels, and analog outputs, it offers all that is required to monitor the efficiency of turbine power generating capabilities. The MODBUS interface solves the communication problems and helps to transmit important test data without the need for too much hard wiring.

Application report made available by Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG, access the full report here.

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