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Roadway Light Monitoring Systems Using the CTC & or the MVT

July 20, 2017

MVT Single-Phase AC Voltage Transducer

Roadway lights are monitored 24/7 using systems with built in monitoring and communication technology. These systems are designed to detect dangerous conditions that may exist in a street light circuit such as power overload, ground faults, pole knockdowns, and wire cuts. Upon detection of a problem, the system shuts down, or cuts the power supply and sends a notification to the command center.

There are many individual components that make up such a useful and safe street light monitoring system. OSI has sold many part numbers for systems such as these. For example, our CTC-030C and our MVT-150A are working accurately in an existing power monitoring system.

The CTC family is a group of AC current transducers with input options from 0-5Aac to 0-1000Aac and output options of 5Vdc, 10Vdc, 1mAdc, and 4-20mAdc. The accuracy of these models include ±0.25%F.S. or ±0.5%F.S. depending on the model.

The MVT family is a group of single-phase AC voltage transducers, which have an accuracy of ±0.25%F.S. The input options for these models are 0-150Vac, 0-300Vac, and 0-600Vac. This family of MVT’s offer a 4-20mA or a loop powered 4-20mA output and field selectable output options including 0-1mA, 0-5V, and 0-10V.

If you have any questions about this electricity monitoring application please contact our technical sales team