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Replace Obsolete Electrical Military Sensors

November 26, 2018

OSI measures electrical and electromagnetic properties in a variety of commercial, petrochemical and defense environments. We presently supply over 400 measurement devices to over 300 surface and sub-surface vessels, as well as multiple aircraft and land-based systems.

Military Obsolescence Mitigation & DMSMSUS Submarine

  • Adapt, extend, and develop electrical measurement technology
  • Match specific performance and footprint requirements of obsolete parts
  • OSI will take obsolete sensor specifications and custom design a cost effective solution
  • Rapid prototyping of circuit boards and enclosures for proof of concept designs in a matter of weeks

DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) costs the federal government millions of dollars each year. The governments’ challenge is to locate sources to reverse engineer or re-design a system to keep planes and vessels in service.

Application examples include redesigned current sensor for circuit breakers in Naval Vessels and replacing an obsolete LEM unit (CT 0.4-P) 400mA, board mounted unit, for military vehicles.

Manufacturing Capabilities

NIST 800-171 Compliant and ITAR Certified

Apply existing commercial technologies to defense measurement challenges in a ruggedized and/or hardened format.

Develop new technologies for unique measurements in similar formats.

Rapid prototyping of circuit boards and enclosures for proof of concept designs in a matter of weeks.

Extend program life by adapting or developing technologies to match specific performance and footprint requirements of obsolete parts.

Current Sensing

AC, DC, Variable Frequency, Milliamps to > 100,000Amps Current Sensing, DC to 100kHz Bandwidth, -55° to +125° C Operating Temperature, Microsecond Response, & AC or DC Instrument Power

Voltage Measuring

AC, DC, Variable Frequency, Millivolts to 15kV Voltage Measuring, DC to 10kHz Frequency, -20° to +80°C Operating Temperature, & AC or DC Instrument Power

Frequency Monitoring

AC and Variable Frequency, 0-1,000 Hz Frequency Monitoring, Millisecond Response, -20° to +80°C Operating Temperature, Self-Powered or AC Instrument Power, & EMI Protected

Power Monitoring

Power (Watts), Volt-Amps Energy (KWH), Reactive Power (VAR), Reactive Energy (VARH), Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, Volt-Amps, Panel Mount Display, Remote Displays, Limit Alarms, Serial Communication, Analog Outputs, RMS Readings, & Capable of monitoring distorted waveforms

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