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OSI Supports Military Obsolescence Mitigation & DMSMS

June 9, 2017

OSI can provide form, fit, function electrical sensors and transducers with new technologies, which can support programs for many years into the future. OSI is currently developing for prime contractors to the Army and Navy to support their obsolete sensors. These sensors will continue the lifecycle of these government systems all for less than the cost of making a drawing change to a military document.

DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) costs the federal government millions of dollars each year. The governments’ challenge is to locate sources to reverse engineer or re-design a system to keep planes and vessels in service.

For example, the B-52 Bomber was produced by Boeing from 1952 – 1962. The US Air Force intends to keep B-52’s in service well into the 2040s.Supporting a program for nearly 100 years, and including all original equipment manufacturers is impossible for most. This is where OSI can help!

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