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Measure Watts/VARS/Watt(VAR)-Hours (5-500Hz) with MODBUS communication in a DIN-Rail package

August 13, 2018

Dec 19, 2017 11:11:55 PM

Measure simple to complex waveforms over a wide frequency range – all with Z540 or ISO 17025 certification. In addition to OSI's certification capabilities, the Wxx (with MODBUS) offers high accuracy, 5-500Hz frequency range, and analog or MODBUS communication outputs all within the Wxx's DIN-Rail package.

The Wxx line of transducers comes with many variations which allow you to choose the capability needed for your specific application.

You may select:

  • Watts, Watts and VARs, Watts/VARs and Watt-Hours/VAR-Hours
  • Over multiple Frequency Ranges
    • 50-60 Hz for simple loads
    • 5-500 Hz (excellent for VSI drives) and other, more-complex loads
    • Up to the 40th harmonic to ensure DoE Energy Star compliance
  • Voltage up to 400VL-N/ 693VL-L (with accuracy)
  • Accuracies from 0.5% of full scale to 0.2% of reading
  • Analog and pulse outputs


  • MODBUS communication

To purchase this unit with MODBUS, please consult with our technical sales team.

View the Wxx Watt/VAR transducer with MODBUS specification sheet here