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Low to No Cost Optimization: Electrical Measuring Transducers

October 22, 2018

Ohio Semitronics offers over 13,000 standard products and there are still needs that have not been met. Instead of guessing what you want, we want you to tell us. We specialize in tailoring our existing technology and researching new technology to meet custom electrical measurement needs. Modifications occur in-house, are low in cost, and can quickly be turned around for shipment (read on for examples). Additionally, Ohio Semitronics, Inc. has an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in place that covers standard and special product designs. We can also supply full N.I.S.T. traceable equipment certifications along with data-points. ISO 17025 or Z540 accredited certification is also available. OSI is your one-stop design, manufacturing, calibration and certification company.

Examples of Meeting Electrical Measurement Needs

  • Unique output
  • Unique input range
  • Unique frequency range
  • Temperature range
  • Extended cable
  • Permanently attached cable
  • Different case size
  • Different window size
  • Latching/ Metal latching for split core units
  • Connection
  • Calibration
  • Potting
  • Terminal strip covers

These are not the only options and you do not have to choose just one

Tailored CT7 DC and RMS Current Transducer

Looking at the Ohio Semitronics specification sheet for the CT7 family you may notice that the CT7-008D-24 offers a 0-2Adc input range and a 10V output. There are many instrument power options and the accuracy of the unit stands at ±0.25% F.S. @ DC. It's a powerful unit until you need a 0-2.1Adc range rather than 0-2Adc range to meet your measurement needs. OSI was able to manufacture a modified CT7 with a 0-2.1Adc range and ship to the customer within three days .

View the CT7 Spec Sheet...

Tailored CTU DC Current Transducer

The CTU series of transducers are open-loop, Hall-effect current sensing devices. The particular modification to the CTU series for a recent customer included mandatory temperature compliant substitutions as well as a change in output. The temperature compliant substitutions required in order to meet the change in temperature were the cable, connector, and metal latches for the split-core case. All additions are able to perform accurately, ±0.5% F.S., in a -40 to 100°C temperature range rather than the standard -40 to 60°C range .

Tailored PC5 AC Watt Transducer

The PC5 series of watt transducers utilize Hall effect multipliers to provide continuous multiplication of voltage and current to accurately measure real power delivered to a load. Full-scale current ranges up to 1000A and full scale voltage ranges up to 600V are available in one-, two, 2 1/2, or three element transducers. These highly reliable units have been used for many years in industrial monitoring and control applications by thousands of customers. The standard response time for the PC5 series is 250ms. 250ms was not meeting the needs of the consumers who needed to use the PC5 series on zero-crossing SCR controllers. As a result, OSI tailored the design to include a response time of 5 seconds. This change is denoted by a Y25 within the part number.

View the PC5 Spec Sheet...

We have the technology. Let OSI deliver what you need. No compromise.

If you have questions about our electrical measurement capabilities or have your own custom design in mind,
chat with our engineers or give us a call at (614) 777-1005.