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LED Lamp Production Testing

August 7, 2017


A recent customer was developing test equipment for end of line testing of LED light bulbs.

This particular customer needed to measure the current and voltage of produced LED light bulbs as they quickly passed through end of line testing. The current being measured was 0.1A although there were occasions when an incandescent bulb would pass through the line and would over-range the output to 0.8A.

OSI Tech Support Specialist recommended the CT8-004E with a 0.5A input and a 100mS response. The unit could accurately measure the 0.1A range while handling the potential over-range. In addition, an AVTR-150E was provided to measure 115Vac also with 100mS response.

CT8 RMS Current Transducer

The model CT8- Series current transducer provides an output directly proportional to the RMS value of the input over the dc to 500Hz range. The dc output is proportional to the RMS input including dc.

Full-scale current ranges of 0.1 to 20 Amperes, and 2500Vac input/output dielectric test make them suitable for many instrumentation needs.

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