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In a Galaxy VAR VAR Away...

December 17, 2018

GWV5 Watt Transducer

When R2D2 shut down the garbage mashers on the detention level of the Death Star, he also had to disrupt the OSI GV5-007EM VAR transducer output feedback signal because it was not reporting high VAR use that would have been a result of a motor lock up or blockage that simply was not there at the time………

Actually, we do not know if there are VAR transducers installed in other galaxies, but we know about the ones installed on planet earth and one thing is certain, VAR analog outputs are directional.

When specifying a VAR (Volt-Amp Reactive) power transducer from Ohio Semitronics, the analog output will indicate if the load reactance is Lagging VARs or Leading VARs.

Selecting a VAR transducer with standard output options of ±1mAdc, ±5Vdc or ±10Vdc will indicate this Lag or Lead direction with its polarity sign. Example: A (positive) +10Vdc is an indication of a full scale Lagging VAR power.The reverse is true where a (negative) -10Vdc is an indication of a full scale Leading VAR power.

Be careful when specifying a VAR transducer with a forward only analog output in the 4-20mAdc option. This is a valid output for VARs but it will only indicate correctly for Lagging VARs only. This is ok for loads that are always inductive. When specifying a need for a 4-20mAdc type output for VARs then consider using an option with 4-12-20mAdc:12mAdc = zero VAR point, with 12-4mAdc indicating Leading VARs and 12-20mAdc indicating Lagging VARs. DWV Watt Transducer

Utility providers understand the need for measuring VARs to monitor for large swings in Volt-Amp Reactive power and Ohio Semitronics, Inc. can manufacture or supply VAR transducers for new applications, or replace old, existing or broken transducers that may be originally manufactured by a competitive or out of business supplier.

Measuring VAR power with Ohio Semitronics is possible with model families GV5, GWV5, VGH, DWV and Wxx series with analog outputs. Multifunction meters are available with analog and digital output capabilities for the more inclusive measurements depending on your application.

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GV5 Specsheet

GWV5 Specsheet

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DWV Specsheet (DIN-Rail)

Wxx Specsheet (DIN-Rail & MODBUS Communication)

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