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DVT7 Extension Module DVT7-EXT

March 3, 2017


  • 1000Vdc extension module designed to interface with the DVT7 (DVT7E, DVT7D, DVT7X5)
  • Delivers proportional output
  • ±0.10% F.S. accuracy in addition to DVT7
  • Compact, easy-to-install, DIN rail-mount enclosure

Ohio Semitronics has manufactured the DVT7-EXT extension module to compliment the DVT7 series. The DVT7 is a DIN rail-mount voltage transducer that can handle inputs from 50mVdc-600Vdc. When the DVT7-EXT extension module is added to the DVT7, the device can handle voltages from 600Vdc-1000Vdc.

The DVT7 voltage transducer can be used anywhere there is a DC signal that in turn needs to be converted to an analog signal for input into a data logger, recorder, or panel meter for monitoring. Click here to read our blog about the DVT7 and other DIN rail-mount transducers available at Ohio Semitronics.

DVT7 Spec Sheet
DVT7-EXT Spec Sheet

DVT7-EXT Connections

If you are interested in purchasing the DVT7, DVT7-EXT, or if you want to learn more about the DVT7 contact the sales team at Ohio Semitronics. Our live chat feature is also available for technical and sales related questions.

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