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DC Current Sensors Protect Against Solar Flares

June 19, 2014


Ohio Semitronics has worked with several utility companies in Eastern, Southeastern and the Midwest USA to measure a quasi DC current in power substations. This DC current is not generated by the power plant itself rather coming from electromagnetic activity that originates from the sun. Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC) has been known to interfere with and damage many types of communications and utility power equipment.

Scientists and engineers have been studying these solar flare storms for some years and continue to collect data for documenting, forecasting, and developing protective devices. Ohio Semitronics has provided monitoring into several utility applications with the CTH series Hall Effect DC current sensor. These sensors are installed on the neutral conductor of large substation voltage transformers and sense the DC current in a non-contact method by which the CTH sensor is clamped around the conductor. The sensor housing is equipped with the necessary analog circuitry to provide an isolated DC output that interfaces with an external data logging device.

Another advantage with selecting the CTH series is the standard specified low voltage 24Vdc instrument power. Other utility applications have utilized a 15Vdc and even a 12Vdc instrument power option sensor where the availability of a higher AC voltage for instrument power is prohibited.

The CTH sensors are specifically designed for indoor use and are tested to meet a wider than standard temperate range of -40 degrees C to +60 degrees C when adding a “T” in the model number.

Ohio Semitronics has the ability to develop non-standard transducers with acceptable design and delivery time frames that promote our continued success. Other manufacturers cannot compete with this type of sales and engineering support. Whether it is during the application acquisition stage, quote stage or in the post sale/installation/operation stage, you will be able talk to a qualified technical sales associate that can solve your electrical monitoring issues and provide the equipment that is needed in the most economical way.

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