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Application of a Modified PC8-001-08, DC and Variable Frequency AC Watt Transducer

May 16, 2016

PC8 DC & Variable-Frequency AC Watt Transducer

In a laboratory product testing location near Columbus, OH, a modified DC watt transducer (PC8-001-08EY115) was applied robustly in the beginning months of 2016. The application of the modified dc watt transducer done by the mentioned testing location is meant to control a feedback loop measuring watts used for heating a small pressurized furnace. The furnace is used to manufacture industrial diamonds and cubic boron nitride material at temperatures 1,200- 1,600 degrees Celsius. The power supply is SCR controlled. Typical power consumption is 30kW.

The PC8 units are designed to provide accurate power measurement on sinusoidal or highly-distorted waveforms. Basic four-quadrant multiplier response of dc to 20 kilohertz provides operation up to at least the fifth harmonic for dc to 400-hertz applications.

Full-scale accuracy of 1% results for dc, sinusoidal ac, chopped or pulsed waveforms. Time-varying waveforms with a dc component are accurately measured. Most units provide bidirectional output so that power consumption or generation can be measured. All units have input/output/case isolation. Standard units with input current ranges up to 2,000 Amperes and voltage ranges to 600 Volts are available with outputs to interface with most data calibration or control equipment.

Application of original model (PC8 Catalog image above):

  • Accurate monitoring of power that contains dc and/or harmonics
  • Ideal for use in SCR and other ac or dc switching circuitry
  • Bidirectional output