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An Update From Senior Support

December 3, 2018
"There are two ways to do just about everything"

Cory Forler

You found a product on the OSi website and it seems like it will work for the project. Although, did you know, there might be another sensor that has a smaller size, better accuracy or a faster lead time? This is when you can call the Ohio Semitronics support desk or jump on chat to get immediate advisement. Emailing sales@ohiosemitronics.com is always an option too!

We are working for you to get the most economical solution! This means that next time you need to measure an electrical parameter, you will know where to go first. That’s us.

Have a Technical Problem?

If your sensor does not work, contact us and we will help determine if the installation wiring is correct. Many times a simple wiring correction will solve the issue.

Maybe your colleague chose the wrong product and you need a slightly different output or size. We can work that out economically with a couple of transactions and your ready to measure electrical parameters again.

If you need to return our products for an annual checkup and certification, we can manage that, and provide one of several levels of certification to meet your requirements.

Our customer relationship does not end at the first purchase and that is why Ohio Semitronics is your go-to resource when availability and reliability are at the forefront of your needs.

Cory Forler
OSI Sr. Support

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