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Accurate Current Measurement for Compressor Control Systems (CTD Family)

June 26, 2017

A Builder of air and gas compressors for industries such as Medical & Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, and Industrial Manufacturing was looking for an AC current measuring device to be used on their compressor control systems. The requirements for the current measuring device was a 50Aac through 1,000Aac current range plus UL and CE certifications. One other specific request from this builder was to place their company part number on the measuring devices’ label.

OSI’s sales and engineering departments easily fulfilled all of the above requests. OSI’s solution was our standard catalog CTD family. The CTD is UL and CE certified, with input range options from 0-50Aac to 0-2000Aac. The outputs for this family are all standard 5Vdc, 10Vdc, 1mAdc, and 4-20mAdc. The CTD additionally is insensitive to polarity, easy to install, and is accurate and reliable at 50-400Hz.

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